It's time to party!

It's time to party!

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It's time to party!

Preening is no female prerogative. Men take as much time as women do when dressing up for a party. They take pains to match their outfit with the right kind of accessories – be it belts, shoes or even jewellery. But men must take care to dress in keeping with the place, kind of party, time and season.

Metrolife asked Kolkata-based designers Dev and Nil to suggest an ideal party wear for men. They delved into various aspects such as clothes, shoes and accessories and came up with some funky stuff.

It calls for a different aesthetic appeal for a formal and a casual party. Nil suggests a simple yet classic look of  a blue jeans and a well-tailored white shirt for a casual night out. You could also give it an eclectic touch by wearing fun shoes of bright colours or even fun printed trousers or even jodhpuris paired with a graphic T-shirt.

“A perfect evening wear would be a slim-fitted shirt in darker shades and you can pair it with a fitted summer jacket and slim pants. A pair of dark coloured breeches with a fitted shirt works well too,”observes Nil.

You’d notice that jeans is the most common thing that’s matched with a formal or a casual shirt. It’s a trend that’s here to stay and Nil suggests that while the lighter coloured washed jeans doesn't look good in a formal wear, the darker unwashed colours like black and deep blue easily pair up with formal shirts.

With every type of shirt you wear, make sure you change your footwear and tie accordingly, advises Nil.

Nil says that slimmer ties have become popular. The knots no longer remain within the traditional boundaries casual knots, half open knots are becoming popular.

“Formal ties are mainly made out of silk and they vary between small polka dots, stripes, checks and fine prints and the casual ones can be made of a varied kind of materials from silks to leather to even stretch lycras and their prints also vary from graphics to cartoons,” avers Nil.

Choose colours that suit your complexion and the overall persona. “Shirts are not the only styles which one could wear to parties, summer jackets, lounge jackets, bandhgalas... can do well to. For cocktail events dark coloured Sherwanis with Jodhpuris look appropriate,” Nil points out.

Shoes play an integral part in a male wardrobe. Casual shoes range from light suedes to brightly coloured or graphic printed shoes.

Dressing up

*  Fabrics for shirt make a huge difference. Pure cottons, linens are sign of luxury and are appreciated by all.
*  Trousers slim or loose should fit without gathers around the waist and should come with a small break around the ankle.
*  A jacket helps in adding a small formal touch.
*  Black is for all seasons. 
*  Clothes tailored, fitted, and ironed well give an attractive appearance.
*  Signature perfumes add to the charm.
*  Personal grooming is important.

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