You can tell, it's a cell...

You can tell, it's a cell...


You can tell, it's a cell...

Mobile phones have become a part and parcel of youngsters’ lives. They can’t imagine their lives without cellphones. As our clothes and hairstyle reveal about our personality and taste, even the cellphones we have speak a lot about us. Sometimes the ringtones and caller tunes on our phones give a clue about what kind of person we are.

Changing ringtones and caller tunes frequently are the latest trend amongst youngsters. People choose their ringtones cautiously and don’t want to lag behind in the crazy competition for the latest ringtones. It’s always interesting to lend an ear to those funny, melodious and upbeat ringtones and even voice clippings at times.

For most people, changing ringtones is a craze. Manoj, an MBA student, is a big movie buff and always looks out for the latest Bollywood hits and within no time makes them his ringtones. “Now, the IPL theme song is popular among our peer group and most of the time, my friends run behind me for the latest tracks,” he beams. “My favourite songs are assigned for my pals and parents who are very close to my heart. It gives me a kind of pleasure to hear my favourite songs frequently,” he includes. “It’s boring to have the same ringtone for ages. You get special attention if your cell has latest ringtones,” he adds.

Suhas, an engineering student gives the reason of convenience for assigning various ringtones. “Whenever I am riding, I put my mobile in a handsfree mode. So when I get a call, I can recognise the caller on the basis of the ringtone. I receive it only if it seems like an urgent call,” reveals Suhas.

Interestingly, he has a ringtone called Machchi readiya..., which is quite famous as the BMS anthem as most BMS Bulls have it. “I have assigned the same ringtone for all my college friends. One of my friends is a huge fan of comedy actor Komal and keeps on quoting his dialogues. So I have put Komal’s voice clipping as a ringtone for that friend,” he says. And he has set a Donald Duck ringtone for his father and a melodious song for his sister.

Spurthi, a student, considers Masakkali from Delhi 6 as her favourite song. “Some of the Bollywood songs have fine instrumental music before the lyrics which go well as a ringtone,” she opines.

She puts weird sound for unknown numbers and thinks twice before picking up new calls. “Most of the time, I am busy with studies or work. So I don’t want to take unwanted calls. And also there are a few boys in our college who keep playing pranks on girls by calling us,” she says.