'Intense characters excite me'

'Intense characters excite me'

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'Intense characters excite me'

Paruthiveeran heralded a tinder box of talent called Priyamani, whose portrayal of a village belle drew applause from one and all. “Emotionally surcharged and intense characters are those that excite me the most,” says Priyamani.

And so meteoric has been her rise that she has no time to even pause to reflect where she is headed. The young lady has just finished shooting for Telugu movie, Golimaar, where she plays the role of an event manager who also happens to be a misandrist to the hilt. “Well eventually does she gets hooked as well? That’s something to watch out for. I have dubbed for the movie as well. The industry reviews have been positive,” Priyamani told Metrolife.

She has also completed shooting for Eno Onthara with Ganesh which she says she thoroughly enjoyed. “Ganesh and I contributed to improvising our characters which was interesting,” she adds.

Talking about her experience of shooting for Raavan, the role which she simply refuses to give away details about, she says: “I have been asked not to talk about the movie at all. All I can say is that I have worked with a great team and I feel like small speck before all the giants that I am acting with. Vikram is an exceptional actor and Abhishek is popular world wide and as for Aishwarya, I haven’t met her yet but I need not say more,” she observes. Raving about Raavan, Priyamani says, “The only tough scene was when we shot a particular scene starting 8 am and went on without a lunch break. That was a tad tedious but I have no reason to complain.”

Priyamani wishes to do a full length comedy someday. “Double role is another thing that I’d like to try out. I have always wondered what it would be like to play a negative role and shades of grey,” she gushes. And she confesses that she’d like to do a Lara Croft in an action sequence someday.

She’s no fitness freak but plays volleyball and a bit of badminton whenever she can afford to.