Defective air-bed harms consumer

M R Bhandarkar had bought a air-bed for his wife who suffers from Alzeimer's and diabetes and has been bed-ridden since March 2006.

The air-bed was bought from Sis Ortho Pvt Ltd at a cost of Rs 7,500. It had a one year warranty. But within a year the air bed got a leak and was not retaining the air and had deflated fully. The family had to keep the pump on continuously to ensure that the air-bed remained inflated, mainly to prevent bed-sores from developing on the patient.
The family contacted the firm several times to come and replace the faulty air bed but the firm ignored their requests.

Finally they were given a second air bed which arrived in a used/crumpled plastic cover and not in a proper cardboard box.

It also failed to function properly and was sub-standard. By now the troubled family had spent Rs 10,100 for two air-beds which gave them only trouble. The first bed cost Rs 7, 500 while the second one cost Rs 2,600 and when the consumer forum inspected the container, nowhere was the name of the importer or the MRP mentioned.

Finding the firm guilty of deficient service the Forum President G Siddanagoud has ordered Sis Ortho to refund Rs 10,100 to the complainant along with Rs 2,000 as costs.

Dry cleaners

This forum has ordered Rajesh Dry Cleaners to pay up Rs 500 to R Beerappa whose sari was lost by the shop when he gave it for dry cleaning to them.

Country Club

Jagannath K S had paid up Rs 50,000 to Country Club which had offered him a site near Tumkur. When the site was not given to him he requested Solomon Raj (manager of Country Club) and Girish T C Marketing Executive to return his money but they said it could not be returned and he would have to get another person to join the club. He complained to the IV forum which has ordered both parties to refund Rs 50,000 to him with costs of Rs 5000.
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