Huawei plans new R&D centre

Huawei plans new R&D centre

The company will invest more than $100 million for the facility that will accommodate more than 3,000 people. Further, Huawei said it will build a India manufacturing facility in Chennai.

Currently it employs more than 4,000 people in India out of which 2,000 people are in R&D team. It also plans to hire 1,000 more people in next couple of years to capitalise on the R&D opportunity as part of its growth strategy.

Equal access

Asked about recent media report on R&D centre in Bangalore, Huawei Technologies India Private Limited Vice-President Engineering & CRD Business Virendra Gupta said the company is operating in India from 1998 and 98 per cent of employees are Indians. “The media reports are all speculation. We are willing to cooperate with Indian government agencies to help solve their concerns on security issues,” he said.

Huawei Vice-President Engineering Head Veer Kamesh said “though we are a Chinese company we treat our Chinese as well as Indian employees on par with equal access to our facilities.” The company has initiated the process of setting up a separate Indian Board of Director consisting of experts from the industry and senior staffs from India.