Feeling lucky, are you?

Feeling lucky, are you?

Feeling lucky, are you?

auspicious People throng jewellery shops on Akshaya Tritiya.

The shine and gloss of Akshaya Tritiya seems to have caught on with the retailers, real estate dealers and other businessmen in the City, for they are cashing in on every opportunity to get people to buy gold, silver and other assets worth lakhs.

They’re leaving no stone unturned to popularise their marketing strategies. They’re going by the premise that Akshaya meaning that which never diminishes. It is believed that this day is very auspicious to start any new venture and anything unveiled on this day would bring joy, luck and prosperity.

People don’t waste a second on the auspicious day. People zero in on a time to start something new.

But one wonders whether such purchases have really brought in the so-called luck, prosperity and goodwill? Metrolife spoke to a few people who believe in the concept of Akshaya Tritiya.

Rekha M S, a homemaker says, “I always buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya, and it has always turned out to be good for me. I have been buying gold on this day for about seven years.
Since then I have noticed that I’ve only been collecting more gold and silver articles. So I make it a point to buy something on this day every year, at least a small finger or a nose ring.”  

While some believe that Akshaya Tritiya brings with it good luck and success, some others aren’t aware about such a phenomenon.

Patricia, an entrepreneur says, “Initially, I didn’t know about the significance of Akshaya Tritiya, but after my wedding got fixed on that day, my friends and relatives told me that it is a very auspicious day and that I was lucky to get married on this day. My wedding jewellery was bought and left in the store and was picked up on the day of my wedding.
So far everything has gone well for us and I am really happy about it.”

Advertisements and word-of-mouth publicity seems to have influenced many and they have started buying something or the other just to fall in line.

Gregory Samuel, a businessman, says, “I had heard about Akshaya Tritiya bringing in
prosperity if we’d bought something on that day, so two years back, I bought a pendant for my wife and she feels it brought her quite a lot of luck through the year.”