A model farmer in Sringeri

A model farmer in Sringeri

Speaking to Deccan Herald about her success in life as a housewife and farmer, Padmakumari said, “family is my primary concern and agriculture is my hobby.”

Padmakumari said that she has the strong support and co-operation of her husband Shashikumar. “We cultivate land together and live together happily,” she said.

“I have chosen agriculture as my livelihood wholeheartedly. I cultivated as much as possible in one acre. Other than arecanut, coffee, banana, coconut, chilly, lemon and vegetable, I am also cultivating flowers in my land. The natural stream in my land is the only source for irrigation,” she explained.

Talking about yellow leaf disease of arecanut, she said that she depends on organic farming. “I have cattle so that I use only organic methods for cultivation,” she added.

“Though it is a livelihood, it is hobby too. I love to irrigate plants along with my child twice a day. Hence, I do not bother about profit and loss,” Padmakumari asserts.