'Global warming is no myth, but a reality'

'Global warming is no myth, but a reality'

Delivering lecture on the subject ‘The science and politics of climate change’ at the IISc on Saturday he said “We have clear evidence of climate change and global warming. Summer sea ice has reduced drastically and is a matter of great concern.”

Politics begins where science ends. The CO2 emission is higher in both the developed and developing nations. But the people in developed nations are not ready to change their lifestyle, which is a major contributor of  CO2, a major culprit in global warming. The developed nations have coined concepts like carbon trading, which is nothing but owning responsibility for someone else’s sins, he added.

Causes of global warming can be natural or induced by humans.Ever since the formation of earth there has been a gradual increase in the temperature but after 1970 both human beings and natural factors have played a key role in increasing the global temperature. The term global warming does not mean that all regions on earth are warming up, there are a few places in the United States that are growing cooler.

In the last 100 years, 2009 was the warmest year in India and Bangalore grew hotter by 1.8 degree. There is a direct connection between CO2 emission and rising temperature, the scientist said.

The rise in temperature has been much higher in the last four decades underlining that human beings were directly responsible for increase in temperature. Temperature in Bangalore will reach 40 degree in the years to come, added J Srinivasan.

Global warming will push 80 million people to starvation, cause flooding, water shortage and lead to outbreak of malaria etc.