On BBMP's functioning


The public are witnessing pageful of BBMP’S functioning in most of the print media and no further proof is required about its functioning, whether it be of maintenance of roads, management of garbage disposal, maintenance of drains through which storm water flows etc. The people are the better judges to weigh the performance of the civic body.

As regards checking the control of Dengue fever also, the people are not fully satisfied about the performance of the health wing of BBMP to contain the deadly disease. When it rains non-disposal of garbage results in breeding of insects responsible for the spread of Dengue and therefore the health wing should wake up and do some homework and take action to clear the garbage as and when the same is collected without allowing it to accumulate, which is responsible for the spread of Dengue. The BBMP should act tough in containing the Dengue with all earnestness to gain the confidence of the people.

The war of words between the two Govt. functionaries about the delay in searching the body of Abhishek who was drowned in the open drain is most unfortunate and all efforts should be made to search the body of the boy, as there is little or no chance of his survival since it is already more than 5 -6 days since the said incident happened.

B S Raghavendra Rao

BSK 3rd Stage



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