A symbol of hope

Obamas Presidency

The world is never static. It is ever dynamic. US President Barack Obama is the new avatar for transformation of a new unitive world order inspired by a spiritual-material comity of humanity rid of the pathology of theological obscurantism and terrorist inhumanity.

Not nuclear holocaust nor belligerent supremacy but a new beginning inaugurated by Obama in his historic appeal in Cairo for global peace and friendship between Asia and America. Obama is no longer a person but an institution, an ideology and a source of hope for happy habitation of homo-sapiens on the earth.

Justice, rarest of the rare is a beautiful blend of social justice and gender justice with minority justice is the sublime selection of Obama's brilliant choice of Sonia Sotomayor. From far away Kochi, the South-West corner of India, I, retired judge of India's Supreme Court congratulate the marvel Obama for his finest choice. The glory of Judge Sonia Sotomayor being nominated to the Supreme Court is that this appointment is a perfect choice.

A lady who is Hispanic and lived in a poor family, a minority which on democratic arithmetic has little chance where equal opportunity for appointment of high post is next to nil. This diminishing trend can be conquered only by a national vision of integrating minorities into the mainstream of life.

Democracy is the domination of numbers but also the gift of talent possessed by minority communities to nation and the nation being hospitable to absorbed gifted person offering this treasure to the nation where the entire human resources of the people will be the reservoir of the Republic. Mr Obama, your address to the Muslim community at Cairo was a splendid perspective of planetary amplitude. Mankind is one whether in Africa, Asia or America.

True, America is a great power but a young country. India is an ancient country with a glorious culture, the finest in the world but under British imperialism it lost its spiritual lustre and materialist advance. Nevertheless its value-based struggle for swaraj won in the end against then most powerful imperialism viz., the British Empire through non-violence and passive resistance and people-oriented revolutionary passion for liberation and human rights locomotion.

The USA had a kindly disposition towards India's freedom movement. Relations between the USA and India were very friendly. Abraham Lincoln, a great President loved by the Indians as a great personality and individual of integrity. Ghandhiji and Jawaharlal were admired by the people of America. Martin Luther King was a disciple of Gandhiji and Thoreau was considered by Gandhiji as his Guru. It was not war weapons nor commercial dependency that promoted India's attachment to the US. John Marshall, great American chief justice was regarded as a wonder of Constitutional Jurisprudence by Indian jurists.

In spite of all these, a touch of arrogance made America authoritarian towards its international relations with India. Pakistan was somehow the favourite of USA and for historical reasons India and Pakistan have an endless estrangement and the White House had an inclination towards Islamabad as against Delhi. This is mysterious but a reality. Once when weapons were given freely by the USA towards Pakistan military arsenal, Jawaharlal Nehru protested in Parliament against this war weapon imbalance to Eisenhower, then US President. He promptly replied if India also applied for military assistance, the White House will be pleased to consider such a request. This was far from fair Nehru replied.

The presidents of the US know that India is not an international mendicant to beg for arms. Alas, this uprightness is a thing of the past under Manmohan Singh's colonial present, but even today this imbalance continues. Under Barack Obama, America is giving huge financial support to Islamabad without any assurance that this money freely given will not be used against India. No Indian has any illusion that Pakistani finance will not always be aimed at India as the past has proved historically. True, individual Indians as such have been regarded fairly by the Obama regime but India as a nation is faced with Pakistan as a dubious friend. The White House and Islamabad are always closer in alliance than with India. This is unfortunate.


Mr Obama, we regard you as a great President but this peculiar affection in favour of Pakistan is a puzzle for India. If you are a true democrat where is your preference? India, which has been throughout a non-violent democracy based on adult franchise which is socialist, secular and democratic or are you on the side of Islamabad which has been mostly governed by military dictatorship and rarely by elected democracy? The world's first priority, O! powerful Obama, is not a unipolar globe but a haven of sanctity, safety, security and farewell to destructive weaponry. You are the sublime symbol of this peaceful planet of the people. When your term of happy humanity and elimination of traumatic humanity comes to be fulfilled in a new good earth, never in the field of the human race will so many owe so much to so few, as the billions of have-not people in the five continents do owe to you the President of the USA.

(The writer is a former Supreme Court judge)

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