A step into the brave new world

For many, their baby steps in college was marked by a search for familiar faces and listening to well rehearsed induction speeches by principals and guests of honor.

Wide eyed first PUC students of PES P U College were told that medicine and engineering were not the only choices by A S Srikanth, Principal Secretary, Higher Education. But the students themselves were clearly keen to follow the time-tested path of a Pre-university course in science followed by admission into a professional college. He also urged students to inculcate the art of “simple living and high thinking” in their lives. All too much for a bunch of sixteen year olds that were looking to kick-start, their hell raising ways.

Too modest

Meanwhile, at Mount Carmel College, it was a case of groomed doe-eyed, gangly girls taking their first peeks out of adolescence and girls from around the country moving away from protective parents blending into the melting pot. Nikitha, an arts student, had a few choice words about the dress code that was imposed on the girls while others simply complained that it was too modest. While some took to their college lives like ducks to water, others were still tentative birds. Janice, a student of science had already decided that school was infinitely more entertaining.

“School was more fun-filled than PUC. They started off with the syllabus on the very first day itself,” she said.

However, another student Maria said “I had fun. I made so many friends and got to know so many.”

Some who came anticipating a bottomless pit of freedom were in for a surprise as the faculty straightaway put them in their places.

Others were simply grateful to the faculty who were gracious enough to show them some leniency to help them adapt to their new surroundings.

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