'Vedic scriptures need to be preserved'

'Vedic scriptures need to be preserved'

She was speaking at the valedictory of the national convention of vedic students and teachers held at Ganapathi Sacchidananda Ashram in City on Saturday. These scriptures find unique place in cultural heritage of our country.

They form the core of the knowledge passed from generations by our ancestors which happens to be the greatest gift  from them to us.But, people studying the vedas, upanishads admit that the importance is declining day after day in this era of modernisation and globalisation.

However, she said that inspite of advancement in all fields of knowledge and rapid progress in all spheres of life,  the country had kept up the pace of progress with other nations. Indians have not compromised on their cultural values.

Lamenting on the increase of broken relationships and bonds between humans in the consumer-driven society and economic liberalisation set up, Purandareshwari opined that prevalence of peace and prosperity in a country will propel development in all areas.

Vedas for all
Speaking on the occasion, Avadhoota Datta Peetha Seer Ganapathi Sacchidananda Swamiji opined that vedas and upanishads can be learnt by people from all communities. The assumption that it is the preserve of a particular community is false.
This can be learned just as music, dance and other forms of performing arts by any person, he added.

Gladdened by the participation of Purandareshwari and recalled his association with her father former CM of Andra Pradesh N T Rama Rao.Veda vidwans Kuppa Krishnamurthy, Lakshmikanth Puranik of Varanasi, Vishnubatla Subramanya Salakshana Ganapahti of Hyderbad, K Subramanya Shastry of Kumbhakonam, K Raghuram and others also took part in the event.