No stadium even after six yrs

No stadium even after six yrs

Government demolished mini stadium to make place for indoor stadium

No stadium even after six yrs

Grand Edifice: An exterior view of the indoor stadium which is under construction near the Government Boys College in Kolar. DH Photo

The project was implemented in all its earnestness and the construction took place for quite some time. Suddenly, in June last year, the project gained momentum, after it was shelved for some years. Even this is going on at a snail’s pace, thereby, crashing the hopes of the citizens.

Again in May, the project is being implemented in full speed and it is expected to be completed by June-end. An amount of Rs 2.14 crore aid was received from the Central government and it is still awaiting an amount of Rs 35.5 lakh for its completion.
The project also requires an amount of Rs one lakh for the laying of floor tiles in the stadium. The Land Army Corporation and the Youth Services and Sports Department are yet to submit a proposal in this regard to the Government.

Till then, the sportspersons have to depend on untiled floor. By the time the Department sends a proposal to the Government and the Government releases the amount, the project will be delayed further. It may be recalled that the stadium work began in 2004. The mini stadium beside the Government Boys College was basically used for Kho Kho, volley ball, basket ball and other games.

The workers preparing to lay the floor tiles at the indoor stadium in Kolar. DH PhotoDemolition
The Government decided to demolish this stadium and construct an indoor stadium in its place. To this, the Kho Kho, volley ball and basket ball players opposed the project. Later on, the situation turned positive, paving way for the project. Soon, MLAs, MLCs, MPs and various elected representatives contributed generously for the project. Thus, an amount of Rs 45 lakh was garnered and the Land Army Corporation began the construction. However, the construction continued only for a year.

Various sportspersons, leaders and public protested against the delay in the project.
But the Corporation expressed its helplessness, due to paucity of funds. Thus, the incomplete building stood as a testimony to the unrealised dream of thousands of citizens. Hope arrived in the form of an amount of Rs 75 lakh, which was released under the 12th Financial Plan last year in June. The project once again attained a new lease of life.

But still, this was not sufficient to push the task for completion. It was restarted at a snail’s pace. Workers were brought from Andhra Pradesh. By March, 2010, people expected the the project to be over but unfortunately, it did not get over. Now with the additional release of Rs 2.14 crore, the work has gained momentum. Yet there are a lot of obstacles in its completion. It requires an amount of Rs 35.5 lakh, this apart, an amount of Rs one lakh for laying the floor tiles.|

“The Corporation is yet to send a proposal in this regard,“ expressed Deputy Director of Land Army Corporation K Appaji. In spite of all these hindrances, we are hopeful that the stadium will be ready by June, he said. Place for playing volley ball, basket ball, 300-seating capacity gallery, rooms for sportspersons, green rooms, toilets, bathrooms, etc, will all be provided at the stadium. Sports of various types can be held here, he said.
Sportspersons lament that they do not have sufficient place for practice. Neither, are the leaders interested in promoting sports.