Indian overstayers in Oman asked to go for finger printing

Indian overstayers in Oman asked to go for finger printing

The appeal has been issued by the Indian Social Club in Muscat which is coordinating with the Indian embassy and amnesty seeking blue collar workers so that they can leave Oman without paying any penalties.

"A total of over 21,000 have registered at the embassy so far," P M Jabir, Community Welfare Secretary at the Indian Social Club said in a statement.

"It is mandatory to complete the fingerprinting before they can exit the country and that would also make the Indian embassy's task to process each case faster. We request all concerned people to come forward at the earliest," the statement said.

"Out of 21,000 registered so far, fingerprinting of 11,500 has been carried out and nearly 8,000 have already left Oman," he added adding that the remaining 3,500 people already fingerprinted will be able to leave once their finger printing clearance and emergency certificates (out passes) are processed.

He also said that those whose finger printing clearance has already been completed by the local authorities must leave the country within a month from the clearance date. "Such people are also requested to approach volunteers at the embassy and verify the status," he urged.

The club officials said that those who do not possess a passport and have not applied for the emergency certificate also need to report immediately.