Designed to dazzle

Designed to dazzle

Skilled stylists

Designed to dazzle

The ceremony began with a small description of this learning process following which, there was the traditional lamp lighting ceremony. And finally after a long wait, came the moment everyone was waiting for — the fashion collection by the students of National Institute of Fashion Technology.

Each collection was preceded by a small video describing the idea of the collection. The first collection was Soulful Sanity by Advithi. There was a lot of use of Assamese textiles and contemporary silhouettes.

The colours were earthy and the geometrical patterns gave the clothes a calm feel. The designs were mostly on skirts, three-fourths, salwars and pleated pajamas. The next collection was called Mystery Of Fortune Teller by Abhijit Saiprem. The gloomy-yet-mysterious collection used a lot of silk, chiffon and was flowy with a nomadic look to it.

All the models wore fancy headbands and there was a lot of glitter, feathers and net on the clothes. Emergence And Offshoot Of Existence by Akshita Mehta was a high-end fashion collection with only black, white, silver and grey being used in all the dresses. The dresses were frilly and the models wore hats to create a complete look.

One of the most striking collections of the evening was by Alpana Kumari, called Aurora Borealis. The collection saw the use of silk, velvet and patchwork while the models strutted the ramp in patialas, jackets, shorts and three-fourths.

But it was the unusual use of colours like pink, purple, red, yellow and green that ruled the collection. Chumarchitram by Amitha Sankar was inspired by traditional designs and saw the use of a lot of gold and silver in the clothes to bring out the old-world grandeur.
But it was Aparna Jain who garnered the most applaud from the crowd soon as her name was announced. She, with her collection Outloud, went for the high-energy look that saw the models in flashy skirts and big fluorescent bags. Bright colours like yellow, red, blue and grey, were used on the same outfits creating a unique look.

The stylish choreography for Binoj K’s collection Frames was the high point of the evening. Not only did he come out with an extraordinary collection using transparency, geometry and fabrics like glass nylon, reflective frames and cotton, but also took the event to another level with his high-tech presentation. The show came to an end with a vote of thanks to the teachers who had helped to make the show a success.