Eclectic mix of original tunes

Eclectic mix of original tunes

What was supposed to be a Brunch with Skinny Alley at Kyra ended up being a ‘late lunch with Skinny Alley’. 

Well, it’s nothing new, as it’s become a habit with most of the shows at the Kyra because they never start on time. So when the invite said 11.30 am, nobody turned up until one.

Around 15 years ago the Kolkata-based band, with five members, started out with an intention to write and perform original music. Since then, they have come a long way. 

“Though we formed the band 15 years ago, each one of us have been playing and performing individually for a long time,” said Jayashree, the lead vocalist. 

While many bands perform to spread a message through their music, Skinny Alley begs to differ.   “Music has its own message. Everytime we sing or play it has its own magic which one really does not have to spell it out,” she says. Over the weekend they had two performances, one by their sister concern band called Pink Noise. 

 “Some of the members play in both the bands because ours is more like rock and roll, ‘Pink Noise’ is more of experimental music,” she adds. The afternoon saw a good blend of their own compositions and some cover albums of some of the big names they really adore. 

“Most of these cover bands have played a big part in influencing our music and as a band this is our way of giving it back,” adds Jayashree.  

Some of the  cover songs they played were Sex Kills, Razzmatazz, Voodoo Chile and Jazz Is The Teacher. Some of the original compositions reflected everyday life. Songs like Swunk, Hard to Forgive, Who Are You? and Clumsy, added a fun element to the afternoon. 

“We can’t define and describe ourselves as a rock-n-roll kind band. We mix it with jazz and blues and sometimes spice it up with a whole lot of fun, so that people of all ages and tastes enjoy the music,” concludes Jayashree.

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