Destructive Laila was kind on State

Destructive Laila was kind on State

The cloudy weather and rainfall lasting a week provided a reprieve, however brief, to the power sector, with consumption having come down drastically after a three-month long crisis.  Thanks to the week-long cyclonic impact in the State, temperatures came down and reduced power consumption by the agriculure sector.

The rain has to a great extent resolved the State’s water problem as well as the power problem for now, as the State’s dry belt including the districts of Gulbarga, Bidar, Raichur, Bellary, Kolar and Koppal adjoining Andhra Pradesh witnessed heavy rainfall, recharging ground water and reducing power consumption by IP sets.

“Nearly 36 per cent of the power is consumed by the IP sets most of which are in the dry belt,” said an official source. Consumption in the State, which touched 140 million units just a couple of weeks ago, has now come down to 115 MU on Monday. It even declined to 110 MU a few days ago.

In addition, the power crisis which was complicated due to the over drawing of the neighbouring States has been resolved temporarily.

Consumption comes down

“The grid frequency which used to be 49 cycles earlier during the crisis has now stabilised at 49.9 cycles. This is an indication that the power consumption has come down in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu,” said an official from power sector.

The cyclone’s cool weather has also drastically cut down the consumption in the urban areas where the consumptions would be mainly for the home appliances. Industrial consumption too has dropped to some extent. With examinations too out of the way, the power sector feels can breathe easy now.