Jaya declines SP's Rajya Sabha offer

Jaya declines SP's Rajya Sabha offer

Jaya declines SP's Rajya Sabha offer

Jaya Bachchan. PTI

Her decision is seen as an apparent indication that all is not lost between the Bachchans and Amar Singh.

SP supremo told reporters here on Friday that “the entire party was with Jaya Bachchan but she requested that she wanted a break from politics for some time owing to family circumstances.”

According to SP sources, Jaya Bachchan has told the party supremo that her family did not want her to contest the Rajya Sabha polls. A similar hint was also dropped by Yadav when he said that megastar and Jaya’s husband Amitabh Bachchan “never liked politics.”

Putting up a brave face, Yadav said  Jaya’s “break” was “temporary” and the party will, whenever the time comes, convince him (Amitabh) to allow Jaya to work for the party.

The Samajwadi Party on Wednesday renominated film actress Jaya Bachchan for the Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh signalling an end to all speculations about her proximity with the expelled SP leader and her “one time family friend” Amar Singh.

In place of Jaya Bachchan, the SP has nominated party general secretary Mohan Singh for the Upper House.

Jaya’s nomination had come as a surprise as it was being speculated in the SP circle that she might not be re-nominated given her proximity with the former SP leader.

Jaya had earlier termed Singh’s expulsion “unfortunate” giving rise to the speculation that she could ultimately side with the former SP leader.