Surrender your desires

Surrender your desires

What is Desire? The word spells everything you have been taught, and yet unknowingly or knowingly, all of you have the term dancing through your eyes, minds and even hearts. Most of you probably know that it is the play of desire that could take you away from your selves.

As long as some desires linger in your mind, you cannot be at total rest. Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, ‘You cannot get into Yoga (union with the self) unless you drop the desires or hankerings in you’. Every desire or ambition is like a sand particle in the eye! You cannot shut your eyes nor keep them open with a sand particle inside - it is uncomfortable either way. And surrender is removing this sand particle so you can open and shut your eyes freely! The other way is to extend your desire, or make it very big - then also it will not bother you. It is a tiny sand particle that irritates your eyes - a big rock can never get into your eyes!

 Learned people from many years have talked of surrender and the need for dispensing of desires. But does that mean that you need to do whatever you can to shed the desire and work towards abolishing it completely? Isn’t the want to get rid of desires a desire itself? While shedding desire from your soul, you are clasping it within your bodies.
So let us understand, what is this quest all about? Is it the loss of desire that you need to achieve or the overcoming of desire?  A teenage girl sees an expensive dress and immediately falls in love with it. But like all beautiful things, this one is too expensive for her to buy.

She tries to convince her father to let her buy the dress and tries every possible way to make him understand that the dress is worth the price and maybe even more.
The father refuses despite of everything. The young girl gets so upset that every party and function she goes to, she feels incomplete without the dress.
 After a lot of tears, bickering and ranting, the father finally gives in, and buys her the dress. The girl is delighted. She wears it to every possible party and function, but after six months the very same dress is lying idle in the cupboard.
Don’t fight it off and try to rid it from your system.  You have no control over the desires. Desires come up. Instead of holding on to them, or daydreaming, just offer the desires.

Just surrender it in its
But surrender doesn’t mean the absence of action. Don’t just make an affirmation and say “Okay, I shall have a good job” and let go of it and do nothing about it. You need to do whatever is necessary to be done. Give all your actions that are required from you. Your karma for what you want to achieve is necessary.
Be active; be dynamic, but not obsessed with the feverishness about fulfilling the desires, because that is the ultimate root cause of depression.
Act, surrender and be free.