Five Bisons die at Trishna sanctuary in Tripura: Minister

Five Bisons die at Trishna sanctuary in Tripura: Minister

 "When the Forest employees went to Bhairabnagar village area in the sanctuary they found the bodies of five Bisons, all calves which died on Monday night due to lightning" Chowdhury said.

The Forest minister said the wildlife sanctuary, the home of about 100 endangered Bison was declared as a National Park last year by the Central government for breeding and conservation of the animal.

He said, the growth rate of the animal was satisfactory and poaching and smuggling of the endangered Bison was checked effectively due to erection of barbed wire fencing along the Indo-Bangla international border and patrolling by the forest protection forces. The sanctuary is just on the border.

"Now we have to think how to give better protection to the animals as they live in the wild and are prone to thunder bolt," Chowdhury said.

The minister also said that the Sipaheejala Wildlife Sanctuary in West Tripura district was earlier declared as a National Park for preservation and conservation of the clouded Leopard and their growth rate is also satisfactory.

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