Debris creates road block

Peoples Problems

 More than a year ago, the wall on the side of the drain was demolished and a new wall was built on top of which a steel mesh was erected. Although more than a year has passed, the debris of the old wall continues to remain on the road side, causing hindrance to movement of vehicles, particularly after a spell of rain. 

In addition there are potholes right in the middle of the road. I would be grateful if the authorities could look into the problem and attend to it at the earliest.

Lt Col (retd) V K Sagar

Killer junction

A killer junction of four double roads at a crucial point of Devarchikkanhalli petrol pump sights at least one or two accidents everyday. These four road lead to Bilekhalli, Bommanhalli, Devarchikkanhalli, Electronic City via Akshay Nagar. The traffic density is very high and with no speed breakers in place, vehicles speeds and crosses randomly and there are at least one or two accidents. The road is filled with sand particles which blinds riders and drivers, during windy conditions. The most affected are the little school going kids who are scared to cross the roads at this junction. It is necessary to have speedbreakers on all four double roads meeting this junction point, so that the vehicles slow down and then proceed.

Narendran Padyath

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