BJP should change its mindset and save itself

 It is unfortunate that the BJP which was thought to be reflecting the desires of the people to look to the future with a firm saddling in the values has failed and is behaving like any other party.

Whether it is the central leadership or the state one, and whether with power as in Karnataka or without in the Centre, the BJP with its Sangh mindset is virtually in virtual a coma -with seniors like Vajapayee or Advani not in control or with any democratic functioning  All the innuendos hurled by the mediocre leaders at the seasoned Congress are backfiring.|

BJP leadership imagines that the party could be tuned in to behave like a machine. It is time the BJP changes its mindset and see the world as one of heterogeneous groups with different views, with inbuilt self esteem and vision. Otherwise the party would fall like the disintegrated Communist party in the United States of Soviet Republic. 

 C Keshava, Mahalaxmipuram,
Bhovi Palya,
Bangalaore 560 086

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