A toony tale

A toony tale

An interesting facet of Abhay Deol’s personality has come to fore at the time when Dev D is celebrating more than 100 days in theatres across the country. 

Everyone knows that Abhay is not just a good actor, but a man who has flair for selecting the best scripts.

He has proven this ever since he debuted with Socha Na Tha till his recent releases Dev D and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. 

But the recent buzz is that he is also an able cartoonist. Though much noise isn’t being made about this talent of his, friend and director Anurag Kashyap, spills the beans.

“'Abhay draws really well and is excellent when it comes to storyboarding.

He is not just a good cartoonist.” 

“He is also very clear about the words-to-visuals translation on paper,” reveals Anurag who has been Abhay’s friend for quite some time now.

The bond started thickening as Abhay started helping out Anurag while he was making Black Friday. 

“Not many are aware, but Abhay was a very good help during the storyboarding of Black Friday.” 

“He also drew down the details around the blast sequences on paper, which really helped us during the shoot.”

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