Paresh Rawal and wife Swaroop pledge to donate skin

Paresh Rawal and wife Swaroop pledge to donate skin

The couple have taken up the brand ambassadorship for skin donation awareness to help the cause of burn victims.

The celebrity couple are closely associated with the National Burn Institute's (NBI) Skin Bank and had recently signed up to donate their skin, Dr Shilpa Karnik said.

"Skin donation can be done after a person's death and our retrieval team take out one eighth of the skin from lower extremities and back," she said.

"Through the brand ambassadorship of Rawal and Sampath and their gesture to donate skin could go a long way in creating awareness about skin donation to burn patients to relieve them from their pain and infection," said Karnik, who is in-charge of the skin donation section of the NBI.

"We are observing August one as the Skin Donation Day since last year but so far only 15 to 20 calls have for skin donation," she said.

Rawal and Sampath, a former Miss India and actress, conduct awareness campaigns and talk about the importance of skin donation and will be active in the upcoming skin donation drive planned by NBI.