Murder, the colour of love in UP

Murder, the colour of love in UP

No happy ending

Twenty-year-old Monu was allegedly axed to death and his body dumped in a canal near Garh Mukteshwar, a famous pilgrimage spot close to Ghaziabad town, about 70 km from the national capital.

According to the police sources here, Monu had been missing for the past three weeks and a complaint was also lodged with the police in this connection.

Sources said Monu, a resident of Brajghat, had an affair with the sister of Sonu. Monu had met the girl at a computer coaching centre in Meerut where he was a student. Sonu, however, did not approve of their affair and the two had an altercation over the issue in the past also, sources revealed.

Sonu hatched a plan to kill Monu. Accordingly, he opened a shop near the computer centre and assured Monu that he was not against his love affair. The two thereafter became friends.

Monu suddenly disappeared on July 7 last. The police investigation revealed that Monu left the coaching centre to meet someone after he received a call on his mobile. He never returned, the police said.

A close scrutiny of the call details of Monu’s cellphone revealed that the call was made by Sonu, who with the help of his friend Rajendra, allegedly took Monu to a deserted place and killed him with an axe, sources said. The culprits then dumped the body in a canal.
Sonu and Rajendra were arrested by the police on Monday, while a hunt had been launched to nab another accomplice. Monu’s body had not been recovered yet.

Several love stories have met tragic and at times brutal ends in the Jat-dominated western UP, where the caste panchayats have declared that they will not allow marriages against the wishes of the family.