'Fashion needs to be more innovative'

'Fashion needs to be more innovative'

Confident choreographer

'Fashion needs to be more innovative'

Achala Sachdev DH photo M S Manjunath

In the City to choreograph a show, Achala spoke to Metrolife about things that have made her who she is. She attributes the composure in her persona to her confidence.

“I would like to keep things simple. I believe that as I grow I need to add more dimensions to my life, explore and exploit my every talent to the hilt. This keeps me going,” Achala says.

Achala reasons that for now films have taken a backseat. She’s busy choreographing for fashion shows across the country.

However, she admires the movies made down South, “The scripts of movies in Tamil, Malayalam and even Telugu have so much life in them. There’s a soul in them and they connect with reality,” says Achala.  

Achala thinks cinema needs to grow and change. She feels new directors come with ideas fresher than those who have been in the industry for donkey's years.

Actors swear by newcomers and claim they would like to explore further rather than stick to the predictable. “Young film-makers are enthusiastic and come with an idea to make a difference. They tend to concentrate on the the subject and story rather than promoting their film,” says Achala. 

About the fashion industry she thinks most senior designers tend to saturate with time. “Established designers turn complacent after a while. They must strive to take Indian fashion to higher, more innovative levels,” she says.

When Achala is not acting or even choreographing she's hanging out with her friends and family.

“I neither go clubbing and partying nor do I drink, I am a very private person who would rather spend my leisure time with a close set of people," she says.

Achala doesn’t look anything like her age. She says she never compromises on her yoga and she watches what she eats, “I cheat on my diet twice a week but I largely stick to a strict food regime,” she says.