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Today's Letters.

PM Manmohan is Jagmohan now



It is a matter of great pride to know that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh tops Newsweek Magazine’s list of top 10 world leaders. We must congratulate our PM for this. In the same magazine another list of best countries was published, wherein India figures at a lowly 78th position. We must ponder over this fact and try bringing our country also to the top from its current position.


Subhas Yadawad


Blowing your own trumpet                                                                                         

In commemoration of the 67th Birth Anniversary of the former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi, various ministries of the Government had published advertisements aggregating to several pages in all news papers at the cost of the tax-payer. Publishing in the newspaper is only one portion of the overall program of this nature. There may be many more such items which are not as glaring as such publications. No doubt every Prime Minister of this nation had contributed to this nation as part of his/her duty as any other citizen and it is not necessary to publicize their achievements spending a large chunk of the public exchequer.

When a very large percentage of the population goes to bed with empty stomach, is there a need for such empty slogans and claims? Is there not an austerity rule for those who are at the helm of affairs?

Granted that such publicity is needed for the concerned political party, but it is only prudent and advisable that the party concerned spends from its own coffers.

Will the authorities look in this and rise up to the occasion to do away with such wasteful expenses?          

S.Y. Ramakrishnan


Provide assistance to the deserving


The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) has asked the State Government to provide hoarding space in Bangalore to display the crude posters of poor quality Kannada films being released each month. The distributors and producers of such films can spend money on taking up hoarding space from several advertising companies who have hoardings available at all leading places in Bangalore.


The State Government could instead provide hoarding space to some of the NGOs in Bangalore, who are doing a great job in helping the poor and the needy. If the people of the City are aware of the noble activities of such NGOs, perhaps they could come forward and help such organizations with charities. Several NGOs which are doing unparalleled service to the poor are unable to spend money on advertisements to create awareness amongst the general public. It is these NGOs that must be encouraged and helped instead of other rich organizations.

Women-centric laws

Close on the heels of the rampant misuse of Sec 498A by a number of unscrupulous women, a few incidences of false complaints of molestations and sexual assaults have started trickling in. As per the provisions of these totally women-centric laws, a simple police complaint to that effect is sufficient to send an innocent male to jail till his innocence is proved. What is most alarming is the fact that the complainant woman does not lose anything, as the law does not prescribe any punishment for her under such type of cases. 

Jorhat Singh


Being Human

Your vivid description of the pathetic condition in which the inmates of the Beggars' Colony in Bangalore following the death of 12 persons on August 18 and 8 persons on August 19 should evoke deep sense of pity and shame in everybody. Though the government and the officials concerned claim that the death of these persons is due to natural causes, the statistics you have provided show that the average monthly mortality rate in the last 7 months of 2010 is only 28. Death of 20 persons in 2 days and that of 105 persons within 19 days of this month defy all statistics and logic.

It is indeed a great tragedy that they have been forgotten and forsaken throughout their life so far. That they have to suffer in a place meant for providing them comfort is a greater shame. It may not be possible to find a Mother Teresa to look after them, but the least we could do is treat them as human beings.

One can only hope that this incident and the exposure of the pathetic conditions prevailing there by the media serve as an eye opener to all.

K.K Cherian


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