Narahari Parvatha stands tall

Narahari Parvatha stands tall

The hill which is famous for its ‘Sadashiva Temple’ is 1,000 feet above sea-level holding mythological secrets dating back to the age of Pandavas.

The legend
According to a legend, Sri Krishna (Lord Hari) accompanied with Arjuna (Nara) offered penance here to free themselves from the sins committed during the Mahabharatha’s Kurukshetra war. Lord Hari as a sign of his visit sculpted Shanka (Conch), Chakra (Wheel), Gadha (Heavy Weapon) and Padma (Lotus) giving rise to the four ‘Teerthakoopas’ (Holy Ponds) which are present even today. Arjuna purified himself by bathing in these holy ponds and installed the Shivalinga and worshipped it and hence the hill gets its unique name ‘Narahari Sadashiva’.
The astounding hill is topped with the ‘Narahari Parvatha Sadashiva Temple’ which engulfs every visitor with serenity. It could be pilgrimage to the devotees or an expedition for the trekkers but it takes a climb of 333 steps to reach the top.
The boards that say ‘Shiva Shiva’ on the sides of the railing can be a motivation for the devotees to stick to their climb and hence honour their deity. Once you reach the top, the four ‘Teerthakoopas’ are an unbelievable sight as they are perfectly in the shape of a Shanka, Chakra, Gadha and Padma.

Spectacular view
The panoramic view from the top can keep anyone rooted to the ground for hours. When you stand on this mountain, you can see Sulliamale, Ballamale on the eastern side and Kadenjamale on the southern side. With national highway on one side and Mangalore Hassan railway line on the other, the sight of the graceful Nethravathi River makes the view exquisite. Soon after the magnificent sunset, the lights from the nearby towns such as Pane Mangaluru, Kalladka and B C road make us feel that we are gazing at the stars from heaven.

People throng this mountain during ‘Aati Amavasya’ and ‘Sona Amavasya’ for Teerthasnana (Dip in the ponds). The Renovated Bramhakalasha establishment day, Shivaratri, Nagapanchami and Sri Ganesh Chaturthi are the other festivals celebrated with pomp in this temple. The last Monday of the Karthika month is considered to be an auspicious and vibrant day as various religious and cultural programmes are held. Taking a dip in the ponds on this day is considered to be sacred. So, people are seen flocking the hill during this particular day.

Popular beliefs
Devotees believe that by performing ‘Baliwadu Seva’ in this temple, people can overcome their fears. By performing ‘Pasharpane’ people can get relief from breathing problems, by performing ‘Thotilu Magu Seva,’ the barren can be blessed with children and with Tender Coconut Abhisheka all the desires will be fulfilled.

How to reach?
Narahari Parvatha is located on National Highway 48, which connects Mangalore to Bangalore. It is 28 Kilometers away from Mangalore and takes about 45 minutes by drive to reach the destination. Once you reach B C road, it is 2 kilometers away from B C Road junction. Continue on the highway till you spot the temple entrance on your right hand side with words written in Kannada that say ‘Shri Narahari Parvatha Sadhashiva Devasthana’. Take the steep slope which ends at a flight of stairs which takes you all the way up to the temple.
Sandhya C D’Souza

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