Flavours of Asia


Appetising : Chef Sanjiv Kumar with the Sushi.

If one is in the mood to experiment with various flavours that Sushi and Dim Sums have to offer, then head straight towards The Zen, at the Leela Palace, which is currently holding a special Sunday cocktail brunch, specially designed by Sous Chef Sanjiv Kumar. 
With six set menus rotating every week, it comprises eight varieties of Sushi and ten Dim Sums. Along with their signature dishes, the menu also has some self-created Dim Sums like the Barbecue Pork Dumpling. Though each of the items on the menu card have the original name of the dish, one can be prepared on what to expect, with the explanations given below each dish.

So along with a drink of one’s choice, one can settle in for the Lemon Coriander Veg or Chicken Soup or the Miso Soup. If the soups are not your pick then one can straight away start with salads like the Som Tom Thai (Raw Papaya Salad), Spicy Chicken Salad or the Szechwan Eggplant Salad.

Just when one is done with the salads, the Sushi table arrives at the table, where one can pick and try all types of Sushi. “Sushi is a Japanese dish that can be treated as a starter or as an appetiser. Mainly done in seafood, we have also incorporated vegetarian varieties as well,” said Sanjiv.

Wrapped in sticky rice, the Sushis were a burst of flavours in one’s mouth. While the vegetarians can pick from the Pickle Gherkins Makimono (Pickle Cucumber Roll) and Kanpyo Makimono (Pickle Pumpkin Roll), the non-vegetarians can indulge in Classic California Roll (Avocado, Crabstick Flying Fish Roe Roll), Boston Roll (Spicy Tuna Roll) or the chef’s personal favourite, the Crunchy Roll (Crispy Prawn Tempura with
Tenkatsu). “Many people think that Sushi means raw meat, but there are two
types of Sushi and we serve only the cooked meat,” he added.

 As for the Dim Sums, Sanjiv said, they are a delicacy from China. “People generally prefer this during breakfast and for lunch, not dinner because it is a very light dish,” he explained. Best accompanied with soya, mushroom-chilli or black bean sauce, one can try the Zen Xia Jiao(Prawn and Bamboo Shoot Dumpling), Dai Zi Jiao (seafood) or the Ji Jiao (Chicken Dim Sum) from the non-vegetarian section. The must try in the vegetarian Dim Sum section is the Jian Bao (Pan-fried Vegetable Bun).

An unlimited dose of all these and if there is still place, for more then it is safe to move on to the huge array of desserts.

“As there are not many varieties of authentic Asian desserts, we have brought in Western desserts and tweaked it up with an Asian flavour,” he said. So one can expect a chocolate pudding with a jasmine taste or a mango ice cream with a minty twist. A must try is the home-made ice creams called, Shorbet, which are served specially to each guest by the chef himself.

Priced at Rs 1,350 plus taxes, the brunch is available only on Sundays.

For reservations call 30571520.     

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