A drama with a twist

A drama with a twist

energetic Jason (centre) with his crew during the play.

The guests came in expecting a play but many were surprised as things unfolded and the murder mystery turned out to be an interactive theatre. The audience were having a good time, when they were suddenly interrupted by a man called Jason.

Jason took the initiative to introduce himself as an up-and-coming and ambitious director of a hot new Bollywood movie. He had, as it turned out, gatecrashed the dinner party along with his star-cast. This was an attempt to convince all the guests at the dinner to become potential investors in his new movie as he had heard that most of them were fairly wealthy.

As the evening moved on, Jason explained that he was in the process of making a masala movie and wanted some good talent for the project. This led to a series of auditions for playback singers for his movie. This is when an aspiring singer Venkat, came forward to express his desire to be the lead singer in the movie and even sang a song for the audience’s benefit.

A member from the audience, Rekha, sang ‘Smile’ but sadly it didn’t go well with the directors.

Soon, it was the turn for the leading actor’s audition, which saw many players come up. Venkat, again came forward and enacted an Amitabh Bachchan piece.

But he had tough competition from another aspiring actor Jogi, who was banking on his Kannada-speaking skills.  The auditions generated a lot of laughs from the audience who were greatly entertained by both Venkat and Jogi.

But this was not it. Soon, they were joined by the foreign returned Soham, who did a piece on Julius Caesar and gained a lot of applause from everyone.  He followed this with a comic bit on Sarah Palin, ‘Tina Fey’ style.

And though Soham may have impressed the audience, Jason still tested him on his Kannada-speaking skills and finally, it was Jogi who scored high for his dancing skills and local connection which went well with low-budget production.

The audition for the female lead was a lot more scandalous with Jason’s ‘ex-wife’ coming in from nowhere expecting him to disregard the original lead in the movie.  This led to more drama in the director’s little kingdom.

Dinner guests soon became embroiled in the melodrama of love and deception, as people were ‘poisoned and bodies began to roll out’.

The interactive play was surely a breather from the usual, as the audience were always on their toes wondering what was going to happen next.  All in all, it was a hugely enjoyable evening which had elements of love, mystery and deceit.

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