Choosing the D-day!

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Choosing the D-day!

Many youngsters continue to get their  wedding date fixed by an astrologer.

Our society has seen lot of changes in its lifestyle over the past decade. From the outlook towards love marriages to a more open approach on how weddings are conducted, everything has changed, if not dramatically, to a certain extent at least.

Today, it is assumed that people have become more modern and logical. But even today, when it comes to marriages, people don’t proceed till they are given a ‘go ahead’ signal by the priest.

They still determine the month and date on which a couple should tie the knot. Metrolife finds out what the generation of today actually feels about the business of ‘setting the D-day’ and do they believe in it?

“I don’t see anything wrong in setting the wedding date by consulting an astrologer and according to planetary positions. Astrology is a science which has stood the test of time for thousands of years. And if old scholars believed in something, it must have had a strong logic and reasoning behind it,” says Abhinav, a young professional.

Many youngsters also say that though people remain ignorant about the science behind this art, it doesn’t mean they totally disregard it.

“Most of us are ignorant and we don't know much about the science or logic involved in this, but it’s been an age-old tradition and that is why we follow it,” says Dipin, a student.

Another aspect that does come in is modernity. “Today it’s not fashionable to believe in such archaic arts,” says Jomon, an IT professional. “There exist a sizable chunk of population that would believe these things but don’t say it in public because it is supposed to be old-fashioned,” says Vritika, a professional.

But why is it that the general perception towards astrology is more ‘superstitious’ than ‘scientific’? “The reason being this is the fact that many quacks out there pretend to be experts in this complex art but are not,” says Chandni, a sales professional. “But if we go to a bad doctor and he gives us a wrong diagnoses, is it the fault of medical science or that particular individual?” she asks.

But in spite of the loopholes in the system, youngsters still think that it will continue due to a variety of reasons.

“Well more than superstition, it has more to do with tradition. Our parents were married this way and we will follow suit because we have been instilled with these beliefs and accept it as a part of our life,” says Dipin.

“When it comes to their marriage, people would agree for almost anything to make sure things go smoothly. It doesn’t matter whether they believe in it or not,” says Chandni.

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