What's a twinning programme all about?

What's a twinning programme all about?

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What's a twinning programme all about?

Dear Sir,

I have completed Class 12 and I want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or Business Administration. I have heard that there are many colleges in India which have tied up with universities in the United States. Students spend half the duration of the course in India and the other half in the United States. How does this system work? Is the degree awarded by the US university or the Indian one?


Dear Raghu,

There are quite a few autonomous universities in India which offer twinning programmes. To name a few — International Centre for Applied Sciences, Indian School of Integrated Learning (ISIL), Christ University, Jain University, St Joseph’s autonomous college, etc. I suggest you check out the websites of these colleges/ universities to identify a suitable programme. Details of the course and certification are subject to each university’s norms. Tuition fee for such a course begins at Rs 1.5 lakh a year in India and USD 15,000-20,000 a year in the United States (this figure is subject to change). The duration of  the course usually ranges between one and three years.

Dear Sir,

I am a student of Information Science. I have given the second year exams  and I’m awaiting the results. I want to pursue higher studies abroad. Could you suggest some courses that are related to my field? What is the scope of growth after a course in interior design? Can I pursue the course abroad?

Apoorva Naidu

Dear Apoorva,

Information Science, though not a basic stream of engineering, offers you a platform to pursue many career paths. You could opt for a specialisation in technology or shift to a creative field such as interior design or even sign up for a master’s programme in management. In order to be sure of your choice, I suggest that you meet a counsellor and take an aptitude test. Once you have made an informed choice, you can search for the right institution or university abroad on the Internet. You should give the GRE exam at the beginning of your final year of engineering studies. The following websites of universities will give you more information: www.petersons.com www.educationusa.state.govwww.infozee.com www.degreesabroad-cis.com

Dear Sir,

I am a third year student of Chemical Engineering. My aggregate for the last three years is 62.3 per cent. What is the scope in this field? Is it particularly difficult for girls? I have heard that the industry prefers male professionals. Is that true? I am interested in pursuing an MS in Aeronautical Engineering in the United States. Kindly guide me.


Dear Shruthi,

You have a reasonably good aggregate. But there is scope for improvement and you must better your scores. It is not true that chemical engineering is a male-dominated field. There are enough avenues in the industry for women too. If you are truly interested in the subject, you may join a chemical, pharmaceutical, food products or consumer goods firm. At this point, rather than taking up an additional course, charting your career goals should be your priority. Moving from chemical engineering, which is a specialised stream, to aeronautical engineering could be a long-winding career path as you may have to take up additional courses pertaining to aeronautical engineering in order to complete an MS programme in any university in the United States. It would also cost you a lot of time and money. Having an engineering degree gives you the platform to launch other careers in related or allied fields including management.

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