Learning the art of grooming

Style Statement

Never underestimate the power of good grooming. The bottom line is that it makes you feel good and if you feel good about yourself, your attitude towards people and your work will be better,” said fashion guru and style mentor Prasad Bidapa.

He went on to add, “Most of all you don’t have to be a beauty queen to be well groomed. You owe it yourself and to your career to look your best and it will always be a great tool for you to use to get ahead of the game.”

 Teaming up with former Miss India Universe 2005 Amrita Thapar, former Miss India 2004 (viewer’s choice) Shrutha Keerthi, and Sunil Baberwal Chairman and MD of the Apna Sapna Group, Prasad launched The Cosmopolitan Institute of Style aimed at ‘providing quality training and exposure to empower people to become more confident and well groomed individuals’ in the City recently.

“With several modules to choose from, the institute promises to give participants a well rounded development course in subjects ranging from global travel etiquette to personal and business and dinning etiquette. Many young executives travel globally on a regular basis and need to be aprised of what to expect and how to handle cross cultural differences in food, culture and etiquette confidently and ably. We will also conduct cross cultural workshops for such situations on a regular basis,” added Shrutha. “We all have different skills and areas of expertise which we will pool together and bring to the table through our courses,” added Prasad.

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