NH-17 in Kundapur a nightmare

NH-17  in Kundapur  a nightmare

  One of the huge potholes on NH -17 near Kundapur posing life threat to the travellers.On the other hand, it is happy time for the garage owners as all the small and large garages in the city are filled with vehicles ready to get repaired. In fact, in Kundapur, one has to book two-day in advance to get his vehicle washed in the service stations. The cause for all this is the National Highway 17 which sprawls outside the city.

The State and National Highways passing through Kudapur taluk are in a completely deteriorated condition, thanks to the heavy rains. The condition has deteriorated so much so that, here hardly one can call road as a ‘road’! Owing to the lethargic attitude of the Department Officials, who took no much interest in filling up the potholes in the initial days, the roads have worsened now with huge potholes located in the middle of the road.     

The officials who earlier used to show their finger towards Manganese ore lorries for all the road problems, are now searching for a reason to convince the public, complain the mining lorry owners.

The regions in Kundapur city outskirts where NH passes like Sangam, Herikudru, Koteshwara, Hemmadi, Nagur, Thallur, Uppunda, Maravanthe and Shiroor consist of badly effected roads filled with potholes.

The Department Officials who were waiting for the small potholes to turn larger, have now taken up the task of filling the holes with brick stones and mud powder. This has deteriorated the condition further disrupting the two wheeler movements in the area.  
The school and college going students have made it their daily routine to curse the road as the muddied road discolours their uniforms each passing day. The politicians who were speaking in a loud voice during the election time, have now shut their mouth and are trying to getaway from the people’s fury.

If the officers are posed with road related queries every time they end up in one of the two readymade answers. The officers either say that they can’t repair the road till the rain ends or they grief for not receiving any funds owing to four-lane road construction.
It has been several weeks when it last rained in the region. The four-lane construction project ends in Kundapur. The reasons for not repairing the road from Kudapur to Shiroor and the State highway roads are not yet known. The public in this region are silently mourning at the condition of the road and are cursing the political representatives for staying away from their responsibility.

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