No barriers indeed!

No barriers indeed!

Expressing gratitude

No barriers indeed!

They laugh together, cry together and their teachers are always there to cheer them up... this was the common refrain among the students. College is never boring and the students say they look forward to coming to college everyday.

The warmth and excitement was evident at the recent Teachers’ Day celebrations at the college last week. The hoots, screams and occasional howls grew louder towards the end of the cultural programme and Carmelites, known for their hoots with or without reason, didn’t disappoint.

The student union had thoughtfully pieced together cultural programmes and had spread an elaborate meal for their teachers. The principal too joined in the celebrations. Apart from a stream of cultural performances including song and dance, the prizes for the winners of ‘Iris’, the intra-collegiate competition were given away on the occasion.

Dr Sr Sonia Nazareth, principal of the pre-university college just couldn’t stop smiling and the excitement writ large on her face. She said, “You have so many students wishing you and Teachers’ Day is special because that’s the day students express their love towards us,” she says.

Padma, the student welfare officer said, “The student union and the students of various associations have been working overtime to ensure that Teachers’ Day is a memorable one. We must say that it’s always a pleasure to work with the students. The learning is mutual,” she says.  

The students gifted flowers, some made by the students themselves and chocolates to their teachers. “It’s the only time of the year when we can tell our teachers how thankful we are. They stand by us throughout the year, making sure we don’t stray away from academics and focus better,” said Tanya, who is part of the student union.

Surabhi, the president of the college said, “We’ve made sure we express our love for our teachers through the programmes that we’d planned for the day. We’ve been working long and hard to make this a success,” she says.