Stolen tractor traced in AP

 The tractor belonged to one Krishnappa of Agnihalli. When the driver had got the tractor laden with eucalyptus logs weighed at the weigh bridge and stopped near the bridge to have his lunch. When he returned, he was shocked to see the vehicle missing.
Krishnappa had lodged a complaint with Galpet police who distributed handbills mentioning the details of the missing vehicle.

The police said, the miscreants, were probably planning to smuggle the vehicle into Andhra Pradesh. The Palmaneru check-post staff stopped them and sought driving licence and vehicle documents. As they failed to produce the documents, they were fined Rs 7,000. The police said, the accused had escaped under the pretext of bringing money to pay the fine.

On receiving information about the tractor, Galpet Sub-Inspector Sardar went to Palamaneru check-post and recovered the vehicle. The search for the accused is on, the police said.

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