India still to use solar potential

  Delivering the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Lecture on ‘Technology and Society’ organised by the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) and Environment and Good Governance Trust (EGGT), he said, Spain uses solar energy to the maximum for all basic

He said, in terms of use of solar energy, Spain was followed by Germany. “Photovoltaic cells are extensively used in both the countries. Powerful tools and technology are present and available which needs to be used to conserve and utilise energy. But in India, several arenas in energy utilisation is untouched and unexplored,” he noted.

He said, there is no excuse for carrying the highest number of illiterates in the country. “This number exceeds more than that of South African countries. It is a matter of shame to see that even as the nation proceeds to launch a man on the moon, the real India is illiterate and uneducated,” Dr Arunachalam added.

Dr Arunachalam also pointed out that there was an absolute neccessity to set up as many exemplary Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) as possible.

He also cited the example of Andhra Pradesh and said, “Two Universities has been set up in the rural areas of AP where the admissions are exclusively for the meritorious rural students. City students are not permitted to seek admissions in these institutions and they are exclusively dedicated for the development of rural students. These are the institutions which needs to be exemplified, for the all round development of students in the remote areas.”

He added that on the same lines, two residential schools of  Dehradun Public school standards have also been set up in Uttar Pradesh for the benefit and development of rural students.

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