How green is my campus?

How green is my campus?

Christ College

Sunaina A, a student from Christ University, says, "I'm partially happy and partially not with my college campus. But the environment does inspire me to study. There is a beautiful garden, where I can relax as well learn. However, new buildings are coming up inside the campus, one thing which I am not happy about, as this comes at the cost of chopping trees.” Sunaina is also part of a group, which takes care of the greenery around the campus.

A student of PES School of Engineering, Avanish, says, "Although I am happy with my campus, it doesn't inspire me to study." He says, "My college has very few trees and fewer shrubs. But it has to be admitted that it has a nice lawn.”
A student from BCET, Shreedevi B K adds, "I am content with the environment wherein I am studying. My college has a beautiful entrance, a garden and a lake and that keeps the campus fresh all the time."

On the whole, green facilities continue to be a dream for a lot of students. The students in fact end up spending more time on campuses than is actually required. And what better way to prepare for a green future? 

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