‘Country is safe in terms of security’

‘Country is safe in terms of security’

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman interacts with the participants during the intellectuals meet, organised by the BJP in Mysuru on Wednesday. BJP national organising secretary B L Santhosh, MP Pratap Simha and MLA L Nagendra are seen. dh photo

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Wednesday, said that the country is safe, in terms of security and the citizens need not worry. She claimed that the airstrikes was against terrorists and to prevent attacks like the one in Pulwama.

She was addressing an intellectuals meet, organised by the BJP, at a private hotel, here.

“National security has been improved, strengthened and the country will not hesitate to deter terror activities. The airstrike destroyed a major training camp of Jaish-e Mohammad, a militant group that claimed responsibility for the February 14 attack in Kashmir in which 40 members of a paramilitary police unit were killed. Even after 10 days, we did not see Pakistan taking any action against the terror group. Thus, airstrike was conducted. With this, several terror attacks similar to Pulwama were averted,” she said.

Countries across the globe condemned Pakistan, because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relationship with them. When the globe is condemning terror attacks, our opposition parties are asking for proof of the airstrike. Death of terrorists and airstrike are not debatable issues, she said.

To a query by a participant, the minister said, “National security is our priority.” She said, after Modi government came to power, security officers are given more powers and the government is taking decisions without any delay.

Earlier, MP Pratap Simha said that India has become more powerful in security issues. “Before 2014, the country had no sufficient ammunition. The country had not enough stock of ammunition to fight even for 13 days of war, before 2014. But, now, we have sufficient reserve of ammunition to fight an intense war,” he said.

Writer S L Bhyrappa, MLA L Nagendra, BJP leaders H V Rajeev and R Raghu were present.