Demand to reopen closed government schools

Demand to reopen closed government schools

DDPI Sheshashayana Karinja inaugurates the district-level education convention in Udupi by garlanding the portrait of Ambedkar.

Karnataka State SC/ST Primary and Madhyamika School Teachers’ Welfare Association state president V T Venkateshayya challenged the state government to reopen government schools that have been closed down.

He said that 15,680 schools should be opened for the next academic year.

He was speaking at the district-level education convention organised by the Association on Saturday. “If the government fails to restart the schools, let the government hand over the schools to us for adoption. We will take up the responsibility of the schools and impart education to the children,” said Venkateshayya.

“The government should close down schools only after the block education officer conducts a survey and submits a report that the village does not have any children over a period of five years. The government order, however, in this regard, is not being followed. As a result, 15,680 schools were closed down in the state, citing the reason for poor enrolment,” he explained.

Venkateshayya urged the DDPI to deploy a teacher and reopen the closed schools.

DDPI Sheshashayana Karinja said, “Only teachers can bring in changes in the society. Teachers should love their students. The teachers should show special concern for children who remain away from classes.”

Narayana Manooru, president of the Karnataka State SC/ST Primary Madhyamika School Teachers’ Welfare Association district unit, presided over the programme.