‘Discipline helps excel in CET, NEET, JEE’

‘Discipline helps excel in CET, NEET, JEE’

Prof Narendra L Nayak, Expert Educational Institutions president, receives a call during the phone-in programme organised by Prajavani at the DH-PV editorial office in Balmatta on Monday.

Consistency and a disciplined way of studying will help students fare well in competitive examinations, Prof Narendra L Nayak, president of Expert Educational Institutions, has advised.

“Solving previous years’ question papers is equally important for examinations such as the CET, the NEET and the JEE,” he said, during the phone-in programme organised by Prajavani at the DH-PV editorial office in Balmatta on Monday.

On a query on exam fear from Vijay of Arasikere, Nayak said, “The students should study and prepare for the examinations well in advance. The students should write and learn. The more they practise, the better will be the results. One needs to practise through self-test by writing answers to the questions from question banks.”

He explained, “Mathematics is not tough, if one solves the problem thoroughly. The pre-university students should devote at least 17 hours to prepare for the examinations and have at least six to seven hours of sound sleep.”

The students should remain focused and calm, he stressed.

‘Understand basics’

“The basic concepts should be understood by the students while preparing for the PU Board examinations. Once the concepts are understood, it is easy to solve the problems in the CET, which is a matter of accuracy and speed,” he added.

To a query by Praveen Poojary from Panapila on students getting depressed for scoring poor marks in Science, Nayak agreed that some students developed suicidal tendencies.

“Parents and teachers should instil confidence in children and help them prepare for exams in advance. Expectations from Science students are high as there is immense competition in the field. By understanding the aptitude and interest, students should be guided for their future. The students should also be disciplined to reach their goals in life,” he explained.

‘Prepare well’

When Rajashekar from Udupi and Yashik from Virajpet asked about NEET, Nayak said, “The NEET will not be a bugbear if candidates are well-prepared. Putting in a lot of effort by understanding the concept well, will give the best result.”

He explained further, “The test comprises three sections – Physics, Chemistry and Biology – with a total score of 720 marks. Physics and Chemistry carry 180 marks each, while Biology carries 360 marks. If a student scores within the 1000th rank in the state in the NEET, then he or she is sure to get a seat in a good college. Those who opt for NEET should be strong in Biology, yet not lag behind in Physics and Chemistry.”

Nayak said that all the branches of Engineering have scope provided the students work hard. When Hamid Vittal sought to know the scope of the various branches of Engineering stream, Nayak said Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science and E and C have the best scope.

‘Avoid TV, mobile phones’

When Devaiah from Hassan asked how to prepare for the PU Board, NEET and CET examinations, Nayak advised him to distance himself from television and mobile phones.

“Students should avoid television and mobile phones till they complete their II PU examinations. The students should not waste their time, instead utilise it fruitfully,” he stressed.