Devotees seek 'divine' intervention for BJP’s win

Devotees seek 'divine' intervention for BJP’s win

Karnataka election

In a new way of offering prayers to Lord Krishna in Udupi, the devotees who are supporters of the BJP are offering Tulasi saplings at the temple in Udupi, which has already set up a Tulasi Vana, where every day one lakh Tulasi petals are offered to the Lord.

Palimaru mutt deewan Vedavyasa Tantri told DH that the most prestigious ambition of Palimaru seer is to offer Tulasi petals. Daily prayers and poojas are offered to Lord Krishna with them. A Tulasi petal bank is set up where the plants are grown and the petals would also be collected from outside to offer prayers to Lord Krishna.

He added that the Tulasi petals, after offering to the Lord, are used for medicinal purposes. The plant is also grown in abundance in and around the temple town. “I have also heard of the devotees who are the supporters of BJP offering Tulasi saplings to Lord Krishna. They all want the BJP to come to power.”

The devotees travel from far off places in the district to Udupi to offer Tulasi to the Lord. One such devotee is Keshavacharya, who came to the temple from Shiroor only to offer Tulasi sapling that was grown in his garden to the Lord, praying for the victory of the BJP. There were other devotees who accompanied Keshavacharya in offering the saplings, praying for BJP’s victory.