Rahul is politically immature, says Modi

Rahul is politically immature, says Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi waves at people at an election campaign at Beerandahalli in Bangarpet taluk in Kolar district. DH photo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Rahul Gandhi, who has boasted that he will be the prime minister next year, is politically immature.

At an election campaign meeting of BJP at Beerandahalli in Bangarpet taluk, he said Rahul has given a big blow to the democratic system by claiming that he will be the next prime minister.

Modi charged, "Rahul Gandhi is entering into alliances with other parties to unseat me from the position of the prime minister. He does not understand the significance of alliances. He has no respect for the senior leaders in the alliance."

He said the people have rejected people all over. The democratic system is strengthened right from Gram Panchayat to Delhi level. Rahul Gandhi, who is not ready to accept this harsh truth, is throwing the aspirations of democracy to winds, he alleged.

He said the senior leaders of Congress party are standing in a queue to become the prime minister like people wait in a queue to fetch a pot of water. Rahul Gandhi wants to become the prime minister by pushing aside all senior leaders of the alliance like some strong men push aside all others and fill their pots with water, he ridiculed. 

Modi said the Legislative Assembly election of Karnataka is not related to either power, government formation or victor or defeat.

"This election is being conducted to create a better future and work for the welfare of the people. Karnataka is an important state in the country. But the Congress government has spoiled its name in the last five years," he charged.

Modi said the people are fed up with the behaviour and dynastic politics of the Congress. "The whole country has rightly identified the policy and scams of the Congress. The people have bid a good bye to the Congress as soon as they came to know about the real activities of that party," he said.

He said the Congress is an egoistic party. It is not a pro-Dalit party, but a deal party. Congress MP Veerappa Moily has himself said this on social media. Moily is not an ordinary man. He is very close to Delhi politics, he alleged.

The people know how the Congress treated senior leaders like S Nijalingappa and D Devaraj Urs. The high command will trumble if the senior leaders expose the secrets of the party. Moily, who has told the harsh truth, is being sidelined. The Congress high command let Moily to pen an epic called the election manifesto. It may have silenced Moily, but truth cannot be hidden from the people for a long time, he ridiculed.

He said the dynastic politics of the Congress is not limited to Delhi alone. That virus has spread everywhere. Here MP K H Muniyappa is not working for the development of the Dalits. He is working for the development of the Congress first family, he charged.

He said those who encourage and ensure growth of Dalit leaders and workers are real mass leaders. But Muniyappa is encouraging family politics. Muniyappa has no concern for Dalits, he alleged.

To retain family politics, the Congress leaders are finding new ways. They are misleading the Dalits by telling lies frequently. They are speaking against BJP by saying that reservation is being changed. The people, who understand its theatrics, have restricted to Punjab, Puducherry and the family, he ridiculed.

He said the BJP is in power at the Congress and most of the states. The party has never troubled the Dalits. Instead, it has strengthened the laws on Dalits' safety. But the Congressmen insulted Ambedkar. "I was born in a family selling tea. I would not have become the prime minister if Ambedkar had not written the Constitution and provided social justice to all," he said.

He said demonetisation has brought forth the money and gold of the Congress leaders. Also, the benami properties of the contractors, who had colluded with them, have also been unearthed.

Earlier, Modi started his speech in Kannada saying 'Chinnada Nadina Janarige Namaskara. Kolarada Kolaramma, Mulabagilina Anjaneya, Kurudumaleya Ganapathige sashtanga pranama. Kaivarada Thathaiah, Sahithigalada D V Gundappa Mattu Masti Venkatesha Aiyangar avarige namana sallisutthene."