‘Education should teach lessons on life’

‘Education should teach lessons on life’

Prof G B Shivaraju speaks at a session during Alva’s Nudisiri in Moodbidri on Saturday.

Education should teach lessons on leading a life in harmony with others, advised Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi Kendra committee member Prof G B Shivaraju.

“We have moved away from the education system that makes one live,” he added.

The professor was speaking on ‘Role of an Individual in the Development of the Society’ on the second day of Alva’s Nudisiri on Saturday.

“Youth need education that helps them build a life. Values should be imparted to the youth to ensure that the society progresses. Unfortunately, the values are eroding in spite of education in today’s world,” he expressed worry.

‘Inculcate values’

“One needs to inculcate values and understand the culture and tradition of the land. Through Alva’s Nudisiri, Dr Mohan Alva has upheld the principles of cultural values in the coastal belt,” Prof Shivaraju said with appreciation.

Speaking further, the professor said youth are misled as the education system has become mechanised in today’s world. “Society should help build an individual’s personality. Even the Constitution aspires to help build a responsible society. Youth power should be utilised for nation building,” he advised.

“India’s disintegrating education system is extremely dangerous. We are only trying to pursue Engineering and other job-oriented courses, disregarding culture and personality development knowledge,” he added.


“Follow humanism rather than casteism,” said Professor Ramzan Dargah.

He was speaking at a session on ‘Karnataka Darshana: Adhyatma Parampare on Sufism’ at Rathnakara Varni Vedike in Vidyagiri.

“The philosophy of Sufism has attracted many people. It is based on the concept of love, love with a fellow being and the love with the ultimate or the creator of the Universe. Sufism has accepted poverty and does not believe in idol worship,” he explained.

Speaking with reference to the chaos and confusion in the world in the name of religion, caste and creed, Professor Dargah said Sufism has sown the seeds of unity. “There is a need to follow the principles of Sufism at a time when unity is fast disappearing,” he added.

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