Benefits of learning a foreign language

Last Updated : 15 September 2021, 08:07 IST

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In the globalised economy, the need for employees speaking multiple languages is only growing. As we grow more connected, bilingualism is now perhaps the most worthwhile skill to acquire.

Beyond the linguistic aspects, learning a foreign language is also about studying how to truly communicate and connect with people of other cultures.

Some reasons for learning a foreign language are listed below.

Provides a fresh worldview

Learning a foreign language lets you soak into an entirely new culture and to become open minded. Being open to and understanding a new point of view also helps you become a tolerant individual. In turn, this is valuable when you are working with or managing a cross-cultural team.

Networking across borders

Learning a foreign language is a sure way to form meaningful connections with the people that you meet. Having a language in common helps better express our feelings and communicate ideas. It also could act as a window to new professional opportunities and collaborations, no matter which job role you are in.

Speaking a foreign language also helps break the ice and instantly connect with the locals (including your immediate manager) which is a valuable asset.

New job opportunities

No one can deny the fact that a foreign language can improve employability. This is because many companies are now doing business abroad and are looking to hire bilinguals who can act as a bridge between the company and workers.

Even while applying for positions in small organisations abroad, the ability to speak a foreign language could set you apart from other applicants.

Aids acculturation

Some methods of teaching foreign languages involve learning about different cultures, specifically when the language skills go to an advanced level.

This cultural awareness lets people from different backgrounds and nationalities better get along with each other. Several countries with a high immigration rate face trouble with cultural integration due to the language barrier, which ends up with segregation of cultures. If you immigrate to a new country with the intention of settling down there, then learning the language is non-negotiable.

Learning a new language helps remove barriers and allows for a mutual understanding that could open new doors, leading to a more interesting professional and personal life.

(The author is the co-founder and CEO of an online education company)

Published 15 September 2021, 08:04 IST

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