Why are mock interviews important?

A mock interview emulates a job interview
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A mock interview emulates a job interview, with students being given an opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the interview process. The interviewer can be an alumnus, a career counsellor, a volunteer or any individual who has fair experience in his or her respective field.

The questions of a mock interview can be behavioural-based or skill-centred and aim to assess a student’s capability and provide them with instant feedback.

Why are mock interviews important?

For one, going through a mock interview process helps instil some confidence in pupils.

It provides students with an opportunity to reflect on their non-verbal communication skills.

It also allows interviewees to get a chance to make mistakes and work on rectifying them in a safe environment.

The immediate feedback given will also improve students’ problem-solving skills that in turn help them put forth their ideas in a better manner.

Virtual interviews

The best part is that mock interviews can be conducted virtually.

Professionals who want to volunteer their time can come forward and conduct mock interviews.

To help freshers, teachers or placement officers can come forward to co-ordinate and arrange virtual training sessions on digital media platforms.

Each mock interview session can last up to 20 minutes and it is not necessary that the interviewer interacts with the interviewees.

It is also not necessary for interviewer to have access to the student’s resume.

Required preparation

Freshers need to treat a mock interview session with seriousness and prepare well.

For one, they can highlight their achievements apart from being proficient in their school/ college curriculum.

They can learn how to emphasise their strengths while presenting themselves in a dignified manner.

Some simple traits to master include maintaining good manners and looking in the interviewer’s eyes while talking.

Any display of ability to solve problems is always a big plus point.

Use the mock interview to practice your answers. Keep your answer as brief as possible — a crisp one or two-minute summary usually helps.

(The author is a software development engineer and a STEM volunteer)

(Published 26 January 2021, 07:32 IST)

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