'Ensure synchronisation of traffic signals'

'Ensure synchronisation of traffic signals'

Mangaluru City Police Commissioner T R Suresh attends phone calls during the phone-in programme on Friday.

Mangaluru Commissioner of Police T R Suresh on Friday directed traffic cops to ensure effective synchronisation of traffic lights in order to reduce stops and ease congestion at junctions.

He was responding to a grievance from a resident during the phone-in programme, organised at the city police commissionerate office.

Suresh said that a lack of co-ordination between traffic signals was contributing to delay and congestion at junctions. The caller had pointed out that traffic signals at intersections including Dr B R Ambedkar Circle lacked synchronisation.

The ACP informed that the traffic signals need to be operated manually and automatic. Some signals which are running on automatic mode had problems with the synchronisation. The issue will be attended to, he assured.

A senior citizen from Padil complained that the owner of a noisy workshop had refused to close down his shop despite corporation cancelling his trade licence.

A resident of Konaje accused medical students of causing inconveniences to pedestrian by parking vehicles (with Kerala registration) on the road. When a passenger from Tarethota highlighted the problem of city buses diverting from the route, Police Commissioner directed officials to conduct a raid and seize the buses.

Another resident objected to the doctors wearing their white coat outside the hospitals.

Complaints against illegal flexes in Emmekere area, LPG distributors collecting more than the prescribed amount, vehicles using high beam lights, illegal parking on Balmatta Road, drunkards’ menace at Marnamikatta Circle and construction equipment placed on footpath opposite to Athena hospital in Falnir flooded officials during the phone-in programme.

'Extra police personnel for Janagraha'

Mangaluru Commissioner of Police T R Suresh said the reserve police and civil officials from other districts were being deployed to maintain order during 'Janagraha' convention being organised by Hindu outfits at Nehru Maidan. Anti social elements in each police station limits had been warned by jurisdictional police, he added.