An overzealous thriller that's a moderate entertainer

An overzealous thriller that's a moderate entertainer

A scene from Trataka

Rating: Above Average (***)

Headline: Style scores over the subject in this snazzy thriller

Lang: Kannada (A)

Film: Trataka

Cast: Rahul Ainapur, Hridaya Avanti, Ajith Jayaraj, Bhavani Prakash

Director: Shivaganesh

Shivaganesh's Trataka is an engaging murder mystery. Nicely shot by cinematographer Vinod Bharathi, Trataka is a quintessentially macabre film, although its massive length, intruding songs and an overdose of bloody gore may serve as chains around its feet.

The emphasis of style over substance in Trataka is tiresome as the film tells the story of an assistant commissioner, Dev, charged with solving the mystery of his kid brother's murder.

Armed with two friends and a good-looking woman, the police officer's investigation leaves a trial of blood and confusion, as every suspect he meets and interrogates turns up dead.

Dev suffers from Complex Partial Seizures, and due to the blackouts that are caused as a result, he himself comes under suspicion.

Arun Suradhaa produces an evocative score that provides a background for the Trataka's theme and tempo. 

Performances by Rahul Ainapur, Ajith Jayaraj and Hridaya Avanti are bound to catch your attention.

Director Shivaganesh, in his over zealousness to captivate his audiences, seeks to entice them with cerebral dileneations, but loses grip over the narrative.

A more taut script that eschews the many distractions of commercial cinema could have worked wonders. But alas! That is not to be.

Still, Trataka does make for a decent watch, a moderate entertainer to occupy your weekend.

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