Priyamani replaces Keerthy Suresh

The actress will be seen with Ajay Devgn in ‘Maidaan’. Shooting begins next week
Last Updated 24 January 2020, 11:40 IST

Priyamani started her film career over a decade ago and has built a fan base across the country. Having starred in Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi films, she’s a recipient of a National Film Award for Best Actress and has three Filmfare Awards in different-language films.

The Bengaluru actress is now soaking in the success of her Amazon Prime Video debut in ‘The Family Man’ opposite Manoj Bajpayee.

While she’s waiting for the last few bits of season 2’s shoot to be finished, she’s simultaneously working on other language projects as well.

In the coming week, she’ll be seen working opposite Ajay Devgn in ‘Maidaan’, where she’s said to have replaced actress Keerthy Suresh.

“We’ll start shooting for the film next week and I’m very excited to be working with Ajay Devgn and director Amit Sharma. It’s also Boney Kapoor’s production, so I’m quite excited,” Priyamani tells Showtime.

According to reports, Keerthy Suresh was replaced after a day of the shoot as the team felt that Keerthy was too young to play the role and had lost a lot of weight.

“I don’t know about any of that. I was called by Boney Kapoor asking if I am free on so and so date and if I would like to be part of the movie and here we are now,” she says.

While she continues to work on feature films, Priyamani seems to be enjoying the OTT space too.

“It’s faster than working on a full-length film. I don’t know if I can say this but the crew is smaller and it seems like less work.”

Having said that, she doesn’t feel the need to be relevant on all other platforms like her contemporaries.

She says, “I am very satisfied with my life and how much time I spend working and with family. I post on Instagram once a week and that’s enough for me. I’m honestly quite old-school when it comes to social media so no YouTube and TikTok for me.”

When she’s not working, she just wants to spend time with her family and husband.

Meanwhile, she’s keeping herself busy by acting in movies, web series and judging reality shows.

(Published 24 January 2020, 11:40 IST)

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