'Human rights should not invade ecological balance'

'Human rights should not invade ecological balance'

Public Relation Council of India Chairman M B Jayaram inaugurates a programme on ecologically sensitive zones in Madikeri on Monday.

Kutta Cops Education Institution Trustee Machimada Raj Thimmaiah opined that the laws framed to protect environment should ensure the protection of ecologically sensitive zones without disturbing human rights.

Delivering a lecture on 'Ecologically sensitive zones-next steps', in Madikeri on Monday, he said that there is a need to maintain ecological balance along with ensuring that human rights do not become a reason for the destruction of the nature. Both human rights and environmental rights should be protected as per the constitution, he added.

Even though the government has issued draft notifications in connection with the Kasturirangan report, the mistakes in the report could not be identified so far.

About 60 days of time is given for filing objections before issuing a final notification in this regard. Opinions from the elected representatives and local residents should be sought by the government before implementation, he added.

He further stressed the need to protect 55 villages which fall under the ecologically sensitive zone. The people dwelling in these village are not destroying forests. They are only dependent on forestland for their livelihood. 

Public Relation Council of India Chairman M B Jayaram lamented that youth have been forgetting values taught by their elders. This may lead to irreparable damage to society in the days to come, he said.

Kodagu Patrika Bhavan Managing Trustee B N Manu Shenoy, Treasurer M P Keshav Kamat and General Secretary S G Umesh were present among others.